Tired of Your Too-Pale Skin?

Tired of Your Too-Pale Skin?

Tanning is what we do!

Warm weather is setting in. That means shorts and sleeveless tops. If your skin too pale to see the light of day, it’s time for a visit to Sun Tan USA.

We offer four levels of tanning beds so you can get the bronze skin you’ve always wanted. You can also get a spray tan at our facility.

Whether you want to get ready for the summer or stay tan all year long, we have the tanning solution for you. Call right away to learn more about our tanning services.

3 great reasons to tan with us

Why come to Sun Tan USA for your next tanning session? Keep in mind that:

  1. We offer tanning specials every day.
  2. You can sign up for a monthly membership.
  3. With 11 beds, we’ll always have space for you.

We also offer leg tanners.

Don’t let pale skin turn you into a wallflower. Call us now at 307-742-7001 to make an appointment.